Can you sell your passport? make a fake us passport online

This article was inspired by two facts. Firstly, I get this question often via my website and secondly, at eBay someone can buy valid and current passports – not for the first time. It happened several times before and it seems eBay doesn’t care, even if reported. They just ignore it. Furthermore, It’s quite difficult to report such cases to authorities online because they also make it most difficult to report. This has to be improved.

What is the legal standpoint?

A passport is the property of the issuing country. This statement is often to find in the passport itself, but not in all. However, most countries have this statement in their passport laws.

It’s common sense that you do not sell your valid passport to others, for whatever reason. But you don’t need to go on the Dark Web to find such valid passports, eBay offers them too.

What does the eBay US policy say?

The sale of government-issued documentation or identification cards, such as drivers’ licenses and passports are restricted or prohibited on eBay. This policy is in place to prevent any risk of documents being used to create a false identity and to comply with applicable laws and regulations.


  • Antique (generally more than 100 years old) government documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, and ship captain’s licenses
  • Expired U.S. passports that were issued more than 20 years prior to the date of the sale

Not Allowed

  • Passports or a completed application for a passport

HERE is the detailed eBay USA policy.

Remark: Their policy is different from country to country.

The sale of VALID & CURRENT travel documents which are NOT CANCELLED (to prevent misuse) is surely not tolerated and a violation not only of Ebay’s own policy but more important a violation of the law (not only US law) and most likely an offense.

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